Natalia Molebatsi, listen up child


i’m raising you to wake up
and take a ride to any universe
be the beauty of soul sound and energy
create my child like you the created
earn the language of moulding
seeds into fruitful beings
i’m raising you so you too can raise me
infant of my skin
reveal chapters the two of us are yet to learn
and believe me child some of the rules
i have run into can save your soul,
so listen up child,

be yourself or don’t wake at all
life is not for the feeble
are you ready for the fires of time
that only life alone can extend
her long arms to light up?

If so clothe yourself with ancient selves
who knew before we did that you, the future
will be born into this crazy but jazzy
scene called living
rise and let the world know
you are here to claim no sense
nor sin but only the waking and dream-dripping
sun of each dawn

never wait for time’s breath to blow
into your lungs rather bloom
from the dust we rose from like mystics
to grow your own wings
and be sure to ask for strength
between these wings
so they don’t split into pieces and halves cause child,
i’m raising you to be whole

paint your life’s everyday in ways not forced on you
but reflections felt by you cause none but ourselves
can blow up a true self that is everything there is to be
raise your story’s voice to go beyond any beyond
and beat any ghost that could suck
out your way up to clouds of choice
have sacred communion with the past
that knotted to you your present
cause child, any presence that
lacks a past is part of the lost so listen up child

listen close child cause you’re a sister, and i’m a sister
remove your walk from exhausting
arms of men-talities who can’t take a strong sister
and white supremacies who still believe
we’re strong enough only for taking instructions
and child, i’m still tasting the bitter truth i’m learning
that not every woman is a sister
so, listen up gal

listen up, bloom of my belly
infant of my skin never step into boxes
these aren’t enough to hold our stories alive
rise to the knowledge that our people
and theirs are tapestries
sown long and wide enough to hold you up
till you can uphold yourself
never forbid your truth in spaces that strangle our realities
rise child your vision is our voice

i have laboured to challenge convention
beat conviction on my soul, scrubbed the floors of my heart
tended the soil of my womb so the fruits of my garden
would be like you child of mine beautiful beyond magic herself
i stood guard at the entrance to your ride
to usher you into these arms bosom and back
that i’m raising you to fly beyond
so listen up child
i’m raising you within the rain you were made of
walk to the knowledge that you are everything that is musical…